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100 Days...

Till the baby arrives and my life is all over the place.

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This is not how I intended to start my site, but today I was reminded that I was 100 days from my due date. So this post is rushed for that very reason. It is a good thing, because it has gotten me to actually writing, and posting. However, I hate being rushed.

So 100 days till "bean" arrives, and I am flustered. Don't get me wrong. I'm fully excited about baby Bean. I can't wait to hold the love of my life in my hands. To have Bean snuggled to my chest, and enjoy the moment. But there is so much to do, most of which has nothing to do with baby prep.

What are my things to do?

1. Get my finances together

2. Submit my thesis proposal

3. Secure a job for next year

4. Get in shape

5. Change my diet to gluten free

6. Get my family to live on a budget, while living in two different places

7. Organize class plans for spring semester.

8. Submit two articles for publication (ideally four, but we aiming to do at the very least two)

9. Christmas and New Year events

10. Start planning new campaign

11. Oversee three other campaigns

This isn't an exhaustive list. It's just all I can put on paper, and in public right now. And I'm exhausted looking at it.

I had a profile interview with one of my students for the school's newspaper, and the interviewer commended me on my life and what I'm about to attempt. Finishing my doctorate, teaching a full course load, living in two different states and away from husband, and about to give birth to my first child. Oh my goodness. I've seen it done, I just never thought I'd be trying to do this myself.

So 100 days. What's that like?

It's different than last week. Last week, I was eating three square meals, sleeping through the night, and didn't have acid reflux. This weekend, not even. These changes with the baby developing and growing in the second trimester, can only be describe like food cravings during the first trimester. You have a craving, and by the food is in your hand, you neither want the food or can eat the food. You find a fix to cope, like purchasing the pregnancy pillow that you've thought about for the last three weeks. And it's one of the most uncomfortable things for 50% of the night.

I think one of the things that frustrates me about being pregnant, is that I get all this information about the baby, and planning for the baby, but not enough information about mommy-to-be, going through the day, and adjusting through the changes that you didn't plan for.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I still have a ton more grading to do, before I see my students. So for now, I just know that 100 days is a milestone I recognize as important, and I'm going be working on my list.

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