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The 6 months break in transmission...

It just happened

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Surprise! It's a girl!

Things haven't been going the way I thought it would in January. I don't even recall this plan of the blog. I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to blog more and exercise my writing consistency. But that hasn't panned out. As you can see there is a gap, a break in transmission.

Well, here is the update on what happened.

I went back to work and then realized that the third-trimester was not a cake-walk, but I was a walking cake. I got bigger, and I got slower. I was exhausted, but I wanted to act as nothing had changed. And I did till one day, my body told me that unless I added two more days to the week to rest and recoup from travelling there is no way I could do it all. Taking maternity leave in the middle of the semester was not ideal, but I made it work. It meant that I had to front-load my senior classes so that they could do independent work, with periodical check-ins. I had to also organize my husband's nesting projects from afar while planning and working on my own. I had to prepare for my mother's visit. And I had to prepare myself for the birth of my new child.

As it got close to my due date, I couldn't handle the travelling anymore, so, I decided to call it, a week early, and go home. I spent three weeks back and forth between Bradford and DC, moving out of my temporary apartment and back into my DC apartment. I also had to make space for my mother, which worked out quite well. My mother arrived, and I did some waiting. One would have thought it an opportune time to start writing again, but I took pictures instead.

Then one night, I got some bad cramps, which later became contractions. My water broke, and after 16 hours of labor, the doctor went in and took Riley out. Riley came into the world at under 8lbs, and she was not happy with the change in temperature. I was told that I had to stay a minimum of 6 weeks to recover from a c-section. My baby didn't get the memo, and I had my students to think about.

I traveled back to Bradford, for the final week of classes/exams, and worked with my students to close out the semester. I moved out of my office and parked most of the stuff in storage. I'd like to say I spent the next 6 weeks, just being, but I had a job interview for a new position. The interview went well, and I was short-listed. However, they went with another candidate. I got two rejections letters and another, the verdict is still out.

I went back on the job hunt, and, went to a couple of interviews. However, I haven't landed anything solid yet. I do have a small position that I'm taking now. The whole ordeal has impacted my life in a way I didn't anticipate. I'm learning to live with it now.

It's now August, and which means it's time to revisit what I have accomplished for the year and what I can accomplish between now and the end of the year. This is one thing I think I can feasibly change, and that is writing more. So, I see the absence over the last 6 months as a break in transmission, if anything.

So it' going to be a month of "cleaning house," and making news plans. I'll keep posting.

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